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Only a few left of these Spicy Buffalo sauces with the old labels (since renamed "Spicy Bison" with new labels but the same delicious sauce.)


This sauce is "something else" according to one customer who has had and enjoyed all of our sauces.  The taste is smooth and well-rounded.  It definitly has a flavor of buffalo sauce, but the taste of the whole ginger root comes through as well.  Rather than butter, traditionally found in buffalo sauce, we use coconut milk to bring the creamy smooth texture.  Unless you are not a fan of ginger or buffalo, this sauce will not dissappoint.


Ingredients: Fermented cayenne peppers, RO filtered water, White wine vinegar, coconut milk, fresh squeezed mandarin juice. whole garlic, whole ginger root, salt, smoked paprika

Spicy Buffalo - Old Label

$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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