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About Us


Who We Are:

Frank has worked in the construction industry for almost 30 years.  His wife, Lisa, worked as an accountant before becoming the manager of their own bathroom remodeling business over 14 years ago.  One of Frank's hobbies was experimenting with hot sauce and making his own.  After so many years of gifting it to friends and family and them telling him it was the best hot sauce they had tasted, he and Lisa decided to come up with a fun label and try to sell the sauce.  Now when they are not working to beautify someone's home, they are having fun pursuing Frank's passion of creating hot sauce and Lisa's passion for making a business of it!

What's With the Name?:

Frank and Lisa own a remodeling business.  Years ago, a client-turned-good-friend's 4-year-old mispronounced jackhammer as "hammajack" when Frank was jackhammering their basement floor.  It became a running joke between the two families (fun fact, the 4-year-old liked Frank's hot sauce too :).  They intended to use it as a placeholder for their hot sauce's name.  But when it came time to give the product a "real" name, nothing fit better than Hammajack!

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